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If you don't have $1,500 or so to spend on Photoshop there is a great free online photo editor called Pixlr.  You can find it at, or just use it below.  Just click upload an image, you can crop it, rotate, and add effects to make it look fabulous. Then just us Save the image back to you...
If you are still using @yahoo, @gmail, @yahoo, @aol or some other unbranded email address it is time for an upgrade.  Follow these directions - it will only cost you $6/for the year. Please be a good samaratin and forward this to all those professionals you know who need and upgrade. WHY? You wou...
From bathroom stalls to bus stop benches - I am tired of seeing people weing all over the place.  Have some manners and keep your we to yourself.  Your customers don't care about your we - they care about themselves so start treating them that way.  It is true, we don't care about you, we only ca...
You are wasting time with all that networking.  Yes, You. Look at the corner of your desk.  Is there a pile of business cards there?  Maybe you're hiding them in the bottom of your desk drawer.  They belong to the hundreds of people you have smiled for, chatted with, listened to, and vowed to fol...

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