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This is by no means a new topic, but I've decided to put a new 'spin' on it and, hopefully, further make my point with the aid of a few visuals.  The following list was created by me but the photos, and this post, are part of my "As Seen on the MLS" series which is aimed at educating buyers and s...
Do not attempt to adjust your computer monitor!  The latest addition to "The Lazy Agent Series" was selected because it is an example of why it is not only important to proofread your MLS listings for accuracy but also for the quality of the photos uploaded.  I can only hope that this agent possi...
Some photos I come across on the MLS don't quite fit into "The Lazy Agent Series" I started last week but are interesting and educational in their own unique way so I've decided to name this new series of posts "As Seen on the MLS".  Maybe it's just me, but I've always believed that part of my du...
Today's selection for "The Lazy Agent Series" was chosen because it left me wondering "How hard could it have been to move a few items before taking the picture?".  Don't get me wrong... I wouldn't expect any agent to start acting like wife and real estate agent, Carolyn, did in the movie "Americ...
In keeping with the title of "The Lazy Agent Series" , I found this example that at first blush may not appear too terrible, until you notice (among other things) the date imprinted by the camera on the photo and then check the MLS info only to find that the house was built several years after th...
Yesterday I introduced "The Lazy Agent Series" and it seemed to strike a nerve with those who commented.  I suspect this is because those of us who work with buyers are forever frustrated by the quality of what we find on the MLS.  In a few of my 'old' posts, I'd given examples of funny typos in ...
Seeing new & used cars that are marketed better than some homes on the MLS is frustrating for both real estate agents and buyers. This post is a slight departure from my previous two entries for "The Lazy Agent Series" but it's to bring home a point.  That point being that, time and again, studie...
I'm sure all of us have our pet peeves about the MLS and what we see (or don't see) on it.  I'm starting a series of posts which I've decided to title "The Lazy Agent" to illustrate some of the things that I see on the MLS that just make me shake my head and think to myself "What were they thinki...
In recent years there has been a surge in the number of people purchasing a second home to be used as a vacation home.  The majority of Florida vacation homes are located near lakes or along coastal areas such as the hundreds of miles along Florida's coastline.  Some people have purchased second ...
Are you going on vacation and need a place to stay but you don't want to stay in a hotel?  Are you a real estate agent or property manager with any vacation rental listings or do you own a vacation rental that you'd like to advertise here to the public and our colleagues?  If so, please join one ...

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