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Richard Sweum :  Home Prices, is there recovery, yet? It is what it is…we love snapshots, summaries, condensed versions of anything so we don’t have to waste time absorbing lengthy articles and analysis.  Snapshots and statistics feed our expectations and wants, when we are confronted with inform...
Richard Sweum  : Sandy, Barry, Willard and the Realtors (new folk music group). Market Update. It is a habit.  Any time an infomercial comes on after 10pm that is related to a genre of music of a by-gone era I get sucked in.  Of course, they only play the first line of the memorable chorus, but t...
Richard Sweum   Undecided, Unsure, Unmotivated or all of the above! You can't escape hearing about it...the clandestine but ubiquitous category of voter referred to as "the undecideds."  Who are these people and how could they have escaped the rabid onslaught the past 12 months of political adver...
Richard Sweum  Fiscal Cliff Approaches through viewed through 4 possible political landscape filters.  Approach #1—best case, Congress and the Whitehouse come to an agreement on a plan to address the budgetary, fiscal and tax items.  This is pie in the sky, and the chances of an agreement like th...
Richard Sweum, FISCAL CLIFF With all of the media focus on the November elections, possible shift of a balance of power in the Senate, possibility of a new administration, etc., there hasn’t been much attention paid to the impact of the Budget Control Act of 2011 and the laws that are set to chan...
Richard Sweum Economic Review : There are many opinions that you can pull out of any news cycle, there will always be "the sky is falling" pundits out there as well as folks who cannot derive any negative conclusions.  Last week, several reports revealed some surprisingly good news to the various...
Golf Savings Bank, Everett Branch will be celebrating their new location with an Open House on Thursday, November 12th, from 4-7pm.  Food, Drinks and Prizes!   For more info, give me a call... 2917 Pacific Ave.    Everett, WA 98201
I have had one, and only one visit to a Waffle House, an East Coast / Old south breakfast joint franchise. It wasn't just a waffle, it was a 3am in the morning "zen like" experience. I was with some friends at a conference at a YL camp in Georgia, roundabout where the classic movie "Deliverance" ...
I was frustrated last night, looking at the evaporation of higher end why is this happening, govies, conventional-everything.  There is an economic concept that I had to refresh myself on from my old econ text books called "price compression".  (Larry Betag brought this up in a post)....
This is classic:  At 7:30am this morning, I get a frantic phone call from an agent that I worked with on a transaction about a year ago.  I never pursued a referral relationship with him because I felt like he was pushing our mutual client into making a quick decision and wasn't really trying to ...

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