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In follow up to my previous post on the dangers of radon, the results of two studies have just been released that show definitive evidence of an association between residential radon exposure and lung cancer.  These two studies go a step beyond earlier findings and confirm that breathing low leve...
Forbes Magazine ranked Richmond, Va number 7 in the nation with 6.2 percent appreciation for the first quarter of 2007. Our median home price was $223,200.  To read this article click here.  For more information on the Richmond area, click here.
The Top 50 Area employers list is now out. The top 10 are: 1. HCA, Inc. (#3 last year) 2. Capital One (#1 last year) 3. VCU Health System (#2 last year) 4. Philip Morris 5. Wal-Mart 6. Wachovia 7. Dominion Resources 8. Bon Secours Richmond Health System 9. Sun Trust Banks 10. Ukrops All the same ...
 Most buyers today begin their search for a home on the Internet, usually at http://www.realtor.com/ or individual REALTOR websites.  Many prospective home buyers then contact the home's listing agent.  Although the listing agent is likely to be extremely helpful, few buyers realize that listing ...
When I lived in New Jersey, we bought a house with an underground oil tank.  Our real estate agent told us that the previous owners had the tank insured and the process was that we bought the insurance so if anything went wrong, we were covered.  Sounded good to us.  We lived there for 2 years wi...
I am always coming across interesting information about the City of Richmond and Virginia and I thought this would be a great format to pass the information on to you. Did you know Richmond was voted one of the most liveable mid-sized cities in America?Did you know Richmond was ranked 3rd by CNN ...
Recently I attended a home inspection and had some time to chat with the radon inspector.  He told me that even houses without basements can have radon.  In fact, he found it quite often, even in crawlspaces.  I was surprised.  I had no idea and the agent who sold us our house way back when never...
So this is good information for all you investors out there (or aspiring investors).  All investors know that you make the money when you buy the property and this information is necessary before you buy anything.  It would be part of your "due diligence."Despite the conflict in the residential r...
Sellers, do you know who you buyers are?  Wouldn't it make it easier to sell your home if you knew who was buying?  The Virginia Association of Realtors recently published a report telling us this information as it pertains to Virginia buyers: - The median age of all buyers is 40, first time home...
When renovating your home, it a good idea to consider the resale value of your improvements.  Most people turn first to kitchens and baths excepting the highest return there.  But in Richmond, Virginia, the two renovations that bring the highest percent of cost recovered at resale are basement re...

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