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Just going to keep this short.  Found this great online video yesterday.  It's free to watch and very entertaining. THIS GUY IS JUST TOO FUNNY !  I love his intelligent but just-a-little-off style. The FREE VIDEO is here:   I guess there's additional info you can buy, but if y...
09/10/2009 is one of the largest and most popular writing sites on the internet. Their site will give you not only great exposure to your business, ideas, philosophy and point of view, but they will also teach you how to be a better writer. You can write on virtually any subject. There are...
You hear a lot about Attraction Marketing these days.  I have to admit it's kind of a catchy phrase.  But beyond the catchy-ness of it is a powerful, yet elusive new wave of influence and potential that is still untapped in today's marketplace.  For those who CAN tap into this innovative form of ...
I've learned in my 30+ years in traditional and online business efforts that there is quick success and there is sustained success, but there's almost NEVER quick and sustained success. We'd all like it that way, but it rarely happens. I wish I knew how to explain that particular mystery of the u...
I'm a night owl. Not the kind that stays up late into the wee hours, but the kind that sleeps for awhile then gets up in the wee hours. Sometimes it's like now. Sleep for a few hours, up about midnight or one then back to sleep for a few more hours. Other times it's sleep the night till 3 or 4. T...
Sounds kind of clinical, I know.  But as your base of friends grows and grows, you'll be more effective and more personable if you can separate your friends into various groups.I'll tell you how in just a bit.  But first, the why......Facebook has so many uses and opportunities for us.  You can k...
So you want to start (or have recently started) a home-based business.  CONGRATULATIONS !  You're about to embark on a grand adventure.  An adventure of discovery, growth, success and sometimes frustration.The idea of starting and growing a home-based business appeals to countless millions of peo...
Life in our current economic situation in this country is a scary place to be. People have lost their jobs, or taken pay cuts or shorter hours just to keep their jobs. Many have turned to the internet for an opportunity to supplement or replace their income. Claims of instant wealth, THOUSANDS of...
Ideas, ideas and more ideas.  Getting new ideas is the backbone of any business.  Lisa has a great list here that can stimulate your business, your things to do list or your everyday life. Take a few notes along the way and please leave comments about which ideas you like the most. dv  Marketing ...
How much Liability Coverage do I need?  $500 or $250 deductible?  Do I even need Collision Coverage. Answers to these and lots more. JUST CLICK THE - READ THIS FIRST. Getting the most for your insurance dollar starts with getting the best quote you can.  There's few things in life more (seemingl...

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Dennis Volz - State Farm Agent

Dennis Volz