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WORKING BY REFERRAL and NETWORKING while intimately related are not the same thing.  While you can certainly do both concurrently, it's helpful to distinguish the difference between the two activities.  That’s important because nurturing one doesn’t necessarily bring results in the other.     Her...
BACK TO PART 1 We've been discussing the many advantages of owning Renters Insurance.  Click BACK TO PART 1 if you missed the first part.   Remember we were talking about that LAWSUIT!?!?! Yes, it could happen to you and there’s ALSO coverage in your RENTERS INSURANCE for THAT ! Just this year a ...
Renters Insurance in San Diego is simply one of the best deals on the planet! OK ! I know you’re thinking ‘What could possibly be so Fabulous or COMPLEX about Renters Insurance?’ Well…. Here’s the inside scoop !Here’s a little overview….(All policies are slightly different. These are examples of ...
Part 1 We've been evaluating 10 Ways to Beat the High Cost of Auto Insurance. Part 1 included the introduction and Ways 1-3. We'll finish it up here.4. EVALUATE YOUR MEDICAL COVERAGE - Medical Payments coverage is designed to pay for injuries sustained by you and anyone else in your car. Particul...
Part 2 Insurance has been one of the necessary evils of life for over 100 years. In this day of higher taxes, rising food prices and soaring housing costs, it is possible for you to get a handle on your own auto insurance costs. If you have been frustrated by an inattentive agent and constantly r...
THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU IF: You've ever wanted a simple, no-nonsense approach to WORKING BY REFERRAL. If you would like to NETWORK better than you do, If you just DON'T KNOW HOW to network but like the idea. If you'd like to improve your "people skills" If you'd like to have a LIST OF QUESTIONS ...
Life was amazing and more fun than allowed by law for me and my wife during the "growing up" years (GUY).  But it's been quite some time since I:    ✓    attended a soccer game     ✓    patched up a skinned knee    ✓    explained a quadratic equation    ✓    was the only dad on the field trip to ...
A private pilot. That’s what they call it. A license to venture out to your local airport, plunk down your rental fee and bore holes through the sky for an hour or two. License to fly. Got my license to fly over twenty years ago. My wife gave the okay. No kids, no mortgage, no responsibilities to...
Options.  aka Choices. We face them every day.  Options of speech, options of behavior, options of fast food places, and options of attitude. I’ve been learning about other options lately. Options in the stock market. Kind of a hobby of mine. Here’s that I’ve learned so far. Options are risky. Op...
We've all heard the phrase, "Road Rage" -- That 20th century phenomenon of rude, risky, violent behavior on the road. It's infancy, best as I can remember, was in Los Angeles, CA in the late 80's when people started getting shot by other motorists on southern California freeways.  Everybody blame...

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Dennis Volz - State Farm Agent

Dennis Volz