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I will post information related to social marketing, real estate, and internet marketing. I will also post off topic humorous things when I find them.
Someone asked me what LinkedIn was in a comment that I saw on another post.  Basically LinkedIn is similar to activerain in that it is a social networking platform.  It's different from activerain in the sense that activerain has more opportunities for you to interact with the people in your netw...
Here is a list of Churches of Christ that are in or near Dekalb County. I thought this might be helpful for people moving to the area that might be looking for a church home. I know when I move I like to know where I can worship. I hope this helps someone out. Moreland Avenue Church of Christ Lit...
Does having a real estate license make a virtual assistant seem more qualified to you? I'm considering getting one but I want to know if it will be worth the time and investment. Thanks for your help.
What is an associate on active rain?  Does it work like LinkedIn where you have to know the person or do most people welcome the chance to associate with as many people as possible?  I just don't want to offend anyone.  I know every social networking site has its own culture.  Thanks in advance f...
Do you use multiple computers? Maybe you have one computer that you use at work and another one that you use at home. You might also use a laptop when you are on the road. Well how do you access files that you need that may be on different machines? Here's what I do, I back my files up online wit...
Thank you for your prompt responses.  Wow that was fast!  My next question is How do I save as a draft on here?  I've gotten so used to using my wordpress blog that when I change platforms it takes me a minute to figure things out. By the way, I am perusing the Internet looking for fresh content ...
I know my newness is showing now, but can someone explain to me how we post to active rain?  Are we supposed to post everything to our blogs? Can we post things directly to the forums? Please help!
I think I should start a bloggers anonymous group.  Hi, I'm DeAnna and I think I'm addicted to blogging.  Since I'm here to serve the real estate professionals, I am starting with a few questions. What tasks do you absolutely hate doing? Which of those tasks would you feel the most comfortable de...
This website will help you find the cheapest gas prices in your area.  Just put in your zip code and it will tell you which gas stations have the cheapest gas.  Make sure to check to see if the prices have been updated for today.      

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