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  I need to pick a pen name... I also have author updates for you guys :-) I need to pick a pen name. I've marketed my real name as an artist, musician and blogger but now I am diving into the author persona and it needs to be branded/marketed to a whole new industry and not cause cross-confusion...
Had a fascinating time doing research at central booking and criminal court The fun thing about writing drafts of books is that I get to interview my professional friends on all sorts of interesting issues like forensics and police procedures. I'm trying to destroy the life of one of my characte...
I believe in God and the power of prayer. My friends could really use your prayers so please take a moment out of your busy day to pray for Jamie Caulk. The next 36 hours are critical for his recovery. Thank you.   Well, I know I had updates at the bottom and had to post the 11:30 am update up to...
  Going on an ActiveRain road trip while writing for the NaNoWriMo competition. I'm also reading Sabrina Benulis... It's time to head down south! Stephen, the Minion Blur is waiting for his Mama to come home with the big yellow crayon and lots of hugs and kisses. I'm sitting in the corner of my ...
  NYT Bestselling Authors Jeaniene Frost and Kim Harrison   October 25th The Bite Before Christmas Jeaniene Frost on Amazon Jeaniene Frost on Facebook Jeaniene Frost on Twitter JeanieneFrost.com Processing digital film and sorting through photographs can take a while. Sometimes, you get distract...
DEMONIC HOTSPOTS, INFERNAL PIT STOPS AND THE BADLANDS: THE GREAT AMERICAN ROAD TRIP TO HELL Authors: Kim Harrison, Patricia Briggs, Anton Strout, Edward Lazellari, Rachel Caine and Christina Henry. Editor: Diana Gill  
Sometimes hanging out in Starbucks can lead to interesting conversations... like with David Barroso I met David Barroso (Actor/Producer) in Starbucks yesterday because he noticed that I was editing digital film of Kim Harrison on my laptop and we started chatting about his latest project 8-Ball ...
Working on a 45 minute webisode covering The Demon Hotspots NYCC Panel I love being a Kim Harrison fan... she has fun friends (LOL). There's nothing like a group of fabulous authors spoofing on the demonic to keep you giggling in the isles at New York Comic Con. I've been processing and batching...
Club Chaos Eye Candy: Video Q&A With NYT Bestselling Author Kim Harrison Kim Harrison is @BurningBunnies on Twitter Kim Harrison on Amazon Kim Harrison on Facebook A Perfect Blood Feb 2012 Kim Harrison NYCC Comic Con Schedule
  I have these gorgeous pictures of Kim Harrison to sort through... plus new video (silly grin) Kim Harrison is @BurningBunnies on Twitter Kim Harrison on Amazon Kim Harrison on Facebook A Perfect Blood Feb 2012 I'm working on a huge digital video file for The Outside Blog Minion Report and must...

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