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Home staging for vacant and occupied homes in New Jersey... Providing assistance to Estate Holders to help prepare their loved ones homes sell fast and for more money.
Home Staging is like Store Window designing it's a marketing tool In today's world your home is up for review 24/7 via social networking and internet.  Let compare the two... Window display is the fine art of displaying store merchandise in the store window. It is the first point of contact betwe...
Don't neglect your front yard during the falls ....Create a beautiful array of colors and textures through plantings that are available. By the end of the Summer....all of the annuals  have lost their thirst for life.. Your lawn is burnt out from the long days of 80 degree plus temperatures.   If...
Fake it!Well, not really...but buy doing the seven steps below, a sellers home will have the illusion that it is bigger than it really is.  Home buyers are always looking for a bigger space...so try these simple steps Bedroom: Remove one piece of furniture - an ottoman or a second nightstand.  If...
    I wanted to discuss the importance of the entrance of homes, primarily the front door.  I took the liberty of taking some photos to share with you some eye catching ones.. In the photo above the door is simply enhanced by the color red and a beautiful floral wreath.  The color red does bring ...
Home staging is an important marketing technique for selling homes, whether they are furnished or vacant....BUT most importantly staging a empty property is critical due to the simple reason that people buy homes not houses.  A vast amount of people are unable to imagine what an empty room can l...
Harmony's Habitat - Down Sizing Post war baby boomers.... there are 76 thousand of us in the United States born between the years of 1946 - 1964 according to AARP statistics.  So you may be asking why I'm talking about this... Well, there will be many of you that may be entertaining the thought o...
Preparing your home to sell through Social Media   "As social media have turned mainstream, Real-estate agents and homeowners are turning to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to market their properties in a frustratingly slow market. While these methods can help expose a listing to a new audience, t...
Home Staging is not Decorating - I am not sure if everyone totally understands what Home Stagers actually do.   Home Stagers essentially market your home through their staging process.  Let me give you a good example:   Let's take for instance your kitchen, a home stager would take everything off...
As we know, currently the US market is flooded with unsold inventory.  Home buyers have countless choices available to them....so your home has to stand out.  Here are some ideas to prepare your home for the market. A fresh coat of a light colored paint on the interior walls can work wonders.  On...
  Yard Staging as mentioned in my previous  Harmonizing Homes blog is very important to the prospective home buyer.    It is essential to create a mood, an ambiance which would allow the client to say "I can see our family and friends here".....  Creating a setting can be as simple as adding a co...

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