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We heard your request!In the past, we constantly gave updates on the hottest communities to buy and sell houses in Calgary. And since a lot of you have been asking for it, here are the hottest communities in the city, specifically for detached homes or single-family houses!Read More... 
The real estate industry has been crazy busy for a year and a half now. A lot of people have been searching and moving to new homes.While most people think that the market is slowing down because of the latest news, in reality, we do not see enough products for people to get excited and make a mo...
Did you know you can write to the seller when you make an offer on a house that you want?! Have you heard of anyone who did that?2021 has been unlike any year in real estate. With the number of multiple offers recently buyers need to figure out a way to make their offer stand out. Supplementing y...
Meet Simmi Aujla. Her undeniable focus and inquisitive attitude has led to successful relationships with all her clients. She is very supportive and understanding, always eager to learn how she can help and constantly improve!As a Real Estate Advisor, she is extremely engaging and always ensures ...
August has brought us multiple big numbers.First off, the number of homes sold YTD has reached over 19,500 sales in Calgary, which is higher than annual sales figures recorded for the past 6 years. Read More...
Are you planning on making a move in the near future and are wondering what the average possession date in Calgary is?Max Barton joined Jared Chamberlain to talk about differences in possession terms and how tight timelines can impact the preparation before possession day. They also cover what bu...
Max Barton is a creative force who approaches real estate the same way he approaches life - with a passion for helping others build and create a stable path towards their own important dreams. Read More...
Success. It means so much to us here at the Chamberlain Group. Yet that simple word means something so much different to each and every person on our team. Read More...
Are you considering making a move to Calgary, and are wondering, is Calgary a good place to live? Well, keep reading! We got some amazing insights from people who recently moved to Calgary. Read More... 
Meet Randi Scheuerman, one of the finest real estate advisors in Chamberlain Real Estate Group.Over the last 13 years, Randi and her family have lived in several homes in Auburn Bay, Southeast Calgary. Read More..

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