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Are you running yet?  We are in the large crowd and there are those in the crowd  among us (it only takes one) that have yelled FIRE! I believe the media has been yelling fire long before there was smoke and now they have something to really talk about.  If we had just turned around and said "Wha...
Last weekends adventure was looking for Garnets up near the Red Creek by Browns Park, Utah.  We traveled a couple hours to get there. As soon as we started to head out from the car to start searching one of the guys in our group looked down and there at the beginning was a beauty of a Garnet.  I...
We took a short afternoon trip  North of Vernal, Utah last week to enjoy the fall colors and were not disappointed.  I love the light thru the leaves and especially the orange and red hues. The contrast against the dark evergreen trees brought out the colors. This area is on one of the Scenic By...
Vernal, Utah is growing and experiencing a good market.  Buyers are coming in and calling to find homes. We have the energy business here and  all the reports I read  speak of  nothing but progress and expansion plans. We have new construction for business' and  the new college campus taking shap...
We made a visit to the Colton Draw Guard Station  in the Ashley National Forest where the house is rented out to vacationers.  It has not been used as a Guard Station for a long time. It is north of Vernal on our beautiful mountains. It is a  nice house with running  hot water, toilet, stove and ...
It has been almost a week ago now that we were watching and worrying about our daughter, her husband and our 3 granchildren in Houston. They were not in the mandatory evacuation area and stayed during Ikes appearance.  The eye of the hurricane went right over them in the north east area. A tramol...
The Uintah Basin Applied Technology College and Utah State University are asking for  artists and/ or artist teams interested in creating site specific artworks(s) for the new Uintah Basin Ap[plied Technology College UBSTC Utah State University USU building in Vernal Utah. This might be a great o...
I am going on an adventure Saturday to an area near Delta, Utah to search for Trilibites fossils.  There are several areas by Delta, Utah where they can be found.  We are going with a group from the Rockpick legends Rock Shop in Salt Lake City.  The trip cost $50 each ( which is about the same as...
Here are some essential points to remember on your credit.  We always need to keep track on work on keeping good credit. To say your credit history & score is HUGE these days may be a borderline understatement.  For purposes of my experience, I'll concentrate on how credit relates to getting a m...
It is always good to know more about any area and this area I drive by so often I cannot even count.    I had the opportunity to get a picture of Starvation Reservoir near Duchesne, Utah. It got it,s name because a rancher tried to raise cattle in this area and they all starved. In 1970 the rese...

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