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Since my children left home this is probably the most requested recipe they call for.  It is also in my husbands Judd Family Cookbook.It appears fancy but is really simple and fast to make.  I like it with rolls and fruit salad. Cashew ChickenAdd some extra celery and is extends for unexpected co...
 The Merrill Group of Cos. LLC of Las Vegas opened a Lowe's Home Improvement Store in Vernal, Utah this last fall.  Now they are building a 109 room, four story hotel suites there.Carol Dvorak, director of project management said that they went to build the shopping center and could not get a roo...
It is not too late and not  so late that you do not need  to worry about ice dams on your roof.  In Vernal, Utah we are starting to thaw and although people have been having trouble during the snow storms it is now more of a worry with the spring thaw.  Our snow fall has exceed the average. I am ...
After buyers having trouble getting a median priced home on FHA Lending Limits  I am glad there is a new set of limits and it will be a great benefit. We were at $205,000 for a single family residence and that is below our average.Here is the site for information I would like to pass on.https://e...
I joined my grandchildren in Houston this week and even though my site is about Vernal, Utah I had such a good time at the Natural Science Museum I decided to let  you some about it.  You cannot touch the butterflies but if they land on you it is ok.  I was lucky and so was my granddaughter.   T...
A great adventure is 4 wheeling in the Uinta Mountains or Ashley National Forest just North of Vernal, Utah.  One of our goals is to try all 40 miles of the Outlaw ATV Trail.  Named because we are Butch Cassidy Country.  The trail has easy to very hard sections and you can come and go off of piec...
Glad to let you know we are finally starting to thaw, after months of unusually cold weather and alot more snow.  I am starting to see my driveway and that there are sidewalks some places in town.  Even the puddles from the melting are a great change.  The many mountains of shoveled snow are goin...
Housing Market Vernal Utah   Vernal Utah Current Real Estate MarketAs a need-driven (rather than investment-driven) market, the Vernal, Utah area Real Estate Market is currently much different from the rest of the United States.Since 2005, the Vernal area has steadily increased in number of sales...
I love to check the clustermap on my blogsite everytime I get a chance to check in and see which new locations are there.  I am new to blogging and learning.  I am in Vernal, Utah so of course that dot is the largest. I may add a map to my AR blog now.
I have a son going to Medical School in the Fall.  He has not made his final decision which one but when he does I know I would like him to purchase a property to live in for the four years.  I think that would be especially wise with the current market many places.  After starting a new Blog and...

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