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Carol Culkin, Real Estate Salesperson, is your source for real estate in Overland Park. Carol is an award winning agent who gets results! For more information on the Kansas City Metro Area or the Overland Park community please call Carol at (913) 333-8310.
It was reported by the showing agent that the buyer loved the house but felt it was overpriced.  Like a good listing agent should do, she encouraged the buyer's agent to just make an offer, but there was reluctance. The buyers were afraid of offending the sellers.  The listing agent suggested tha...
So you are trying to sell your house and there have been few showings, not alone offers.  The marketing is superb, your agent is dynamic and your house is a gem (or, so you've been told).  The feedback is good to excellent.  Anything that you could have done better to improve on showcasing your h...
Last year I consulted with a senior citizen and her family. She was apprehensive to sell. Her family was encouraging her to relocate out of state to be closer to them. The children had all moved away for better job opportunities and even though she was a lifetime resident who never saw herself mo...
While consulting recently, my seller clients wanted to price their home according to their fear of a low-ball offer.  Even though we agreed on what the most likely sales price might be, we were not sharing the same opinion about their asking price.    I then asked them to imagine all the negotiat...
Lesson learned the hard way.  She loved the kitchen and the pool, but the house had some quirky things that she just wasn't sure she could live with. Yet, she decided to take the husband back for a look. Truth is he grew fixated on the pool and also decided that anything was better than apartment...
When all is said and done, selling a house comes down to location and what a buyer is willing to pay. There was a time when the WOW factor seemed to to be really important but with so many foreclosures on the market many buyers are also considering properties which show "potential"  with price ta...
So, you've been offered a new job, which will result in having to move to a new town.  Everything is happening so fast.  There's so much to consider all at once. Sell your house, buy a house, new schools for the kids, arranging for movers - and the list goes on.  Initially, you might have scanned...
It was great that many homeowners who were teetering near financial collapse were able to get their banks to agree to loan modifications.  Wait.  Maybe it wasn't such a good plan for some.  Many of these folks are falling behind again.  According to a Bloomberg report in March 2010, 51% of loan m...
What?  You hope to sell your house ...but you don't want a yard sign?  I see.  You don't care to let your neighbors know your selling your house.   Well, I have news for you.  They're going to find out eventually.  Somebody will see your listing online or in a print publication.  Eventually neigh...
With today's growing number of foreclosures and short sales, many people are finding themselves having to start all over.  First comes the realization every homeowner faces when they are underwater and can no longer afford the monthly mortgage payments. Perhaps many people go through the denial p...

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