What I Like about Stratham5. The view from Portsmouth Ave of the Scammon Farm.  The view is beautiful and calming on a busy day and now we don’t have to hold our breathe when we drive by.4. Choice of Grocery Shopping.  You really can’t beat it.  3. Friday nights----Blockbuster and Jade Palace tak...
              Subway tiles were big in 2009 in both kitchen and bathrooms. This year try using the subway tile vertically for a modern feel.        Also in 2010, go green with cork floors in the kitchen. 
Market data from the Seaocast Board of Realtors shows a decline in home sales for the month of January. Although the buyer tax credit was extended, the enthusiam isn't there as it was in the fall. Many buyers that I talk with now are casually looking but don't feel the need to get in before the ...
02/03/2010 Say hello to Bonjour delivery service By Rachel Forrest February 03, 2010 1:30 PM It's the dead of winter, the snow is falling and it's cold outside. Or maybe it's summer and downtown Portsmouth is so bu...
  Short Sales......Very Interesting!   Diane Olick is CNBC’s Real Estate Reporter.  She writes her blog titled “Realty Check.”  Her article below was published last Friday, January 15.  It was so compelling that I wanted to share it with my readers who may have missed it.     Just as regulators, ...
In this market many homeowners are doing their own staging.  The right staging can really make your home stand out from the rest. However most homeowners are not in a position to hire a professional stager. Here as some helpful tips on making the most of your space.      
        If You Are A Realtor® You Are In POLITICS! There is outcry that Active Rain should ban political and religious posts and blogs. There are people who are very polarizing on both sides of this debate. A Realtor® who does not get involved with the political process does not understand real e...
Great Bay Kids' Company opens at Pease Tradeport Photo 1 of 3  |  Zoom Photo + By Abbie Hackett January 29, 2010 2:00 AM   PORTSMOUTH - Great Bay Kids' Company opened its doors for the first time Wednesday at its new Pease Tradeport location as program administrator Ca...

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A guide to the NH Seacoast, heavy on the Real Estate. I hope to include information about short sales, foreclosures, auctions, taxes, properties, waterfront, retirement communities together with community information, events and reviews.