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#1 Effective Credit Repair Companies - "A Necessary Tool for Surviving Today's Market" #2 The Future of The Credit Repair Industry (... it's up to us) #3 Getting Involved In Credit Repair #4 Credit Repair Companies - Are they Trustworthy? #5 A successful credit repair company is an effective cre...
Why would credit repair be combined with Advance-Fee Loans?  Why would they want to put us together with an industry that is fundamentally different to ours? Could it be just to keep "credit repair" on the list? It could be. Wonder what the percentage for credit repair would be if it were in a se...
By having credit accounts for a longer period of time reflects positively due to the fact that your credit history allows loan originators to assess how you would typically use credit and make good on your financial obligations. That being said, some of your accounts that have been open for a lon...
Credit Cards - Where should the balance be to maximize your credit score?             In my opinion, the best way to use your credit cards is to use only 5% to 25% of your available credit and obviously pay all your bills on time.  A common myth is that you have to pay down all your credit cards ...
The credit industry, as a whole, is one of the most powerful and profitable industries in existence.  With loans, insurance and even employment taking into consideration individuals' credit pictures, the credit industry is getting bigger every day. CSO's are helping by assisting consumers with ge...
 The Credit Bureaus Defense Strategy of Attrition and Delay The credit bureaus have for a long time issued a defense strategy of attrition and delay.  Why?  They make more money off of people with bad credit than they do off of those with a positive credit history.  A person with bad credit will ...
State SOL (Years) Maximum Interest Rate (%) Alabama 20 12 Arkansas 10 10.5 Alaska 5 10 Arizona 10 Fed + 5 California 10 10 Colorado 20 8 Connecticut 20 10 Delaware No Limit Legal + Fed Discount + 5 D.C. 3 70% of interest rateor 6% if not specified Florida 20 10 Georgia 7 12 Hawaii 10 10 Iowa 6 1...
Prepared by:John C. Lamb, Senior Staff Counsel, Legal Services Unit.February 2008 update by Dianne R. Dobbs, Staff Counsel.April 2009 update by George Ritter, Senior Staff Counsel. CREDIT REPAIR SERVICES April 2009 The importance of obtaining and maintaining good credit has increased in recent y...
 Yes, every credit repair company is required to have their clients sign a consumer contract per the Credit Repair Organizations Act.A credit repair company owner will want to be careful and make sure their contract is in complete compliance with federal law to avoid running into Sections 408, 40...

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