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Florida Credit Repair Disclaimer: These codes may not be the most recent version. Your state may have more current or accurate information. We make no warranties or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the information contained on this site or the information linked to on t...
There are disreputable company's in every industry.  As a consumer you have a rights and if you feel they have been violated in any way then use the links below as a good start to not only attaining a refund and/or compensation but also to expose the scam artists for who they are. Consumer Financ...
 Here are some links I just updated today for all complaint forms for all 50 states.If you find that a link is not working please let me know and I will update it ASAP. I hope this helps!       Alabama       Alaska                                          Contact Form Only      Arizona       Arka...
  The other day a colleague who is also based here in Arizona called me and asked me if I knew which credit repair company in PHX was shut down by the FTC.    He had comes across the following articles;
K.I.S.S. = Keep it Simple Stupid   Just a "friendly" reminder to everyone out there who may be having troubles getting past a certain point on a BLOG, project, script, or business situation.  Try not to over think or over analyze any situation ... positive, negative or benign ... and come up with...
Chances are you are reading this while sitting at your desk at work or you're at home relaxing ... or maybe you are the adventurous type and have decided to risk life and limb and catch up on the BLOG while driving to or from work. If you are driving then stop reading and pick it back up when you...
Avoid The Common Mistakes Most Credit Repair Companies Make   False Claims and Deceptive Advertising.You see it time and time again. Companies over hyping their service by guaranteeing results and deletions and claiming a specific score increase. In this business, all you can talk about is the av...
  Three months ago during a sales call I was told by a potential company owner that all a salesperson requires are scripts and time to close a deal.  They actually told me that having a personality and being money motivated can get in the way of the sale.  When I received my follow up notificatio...
Are you Industry Standard?   The term industry standard is defined as follows; typically allowed criteria adhered to by an industry's general consensus. In more basic vocabulary; industry standard means average and/or acceptable.   If you are industry standard then you have average expectations, ...
The Credit Repair Industry - 2011   In the past our industry has come under attack and in some cases deservedly so ... every industry has their bad apples.  Those who have been in or currently are in the mortgage industry can certainly see what it is like to be stained by those with unscrupulous ...

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