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Wow, just got back from a college class I'm taking and it was real eye opening.  We had to get up and read from our diary's that we had been writing everyday and you could tell allot about a persons life just from a couple minutes of thought on the day they had. 1.  The people who looked good, we...
Went to the Portsmouth, and Norfolk Va illumination parade today, it was a brisk 30 something degrees but lots of fun, recommendations for next year bring your own coffee.  We got there early had some drinks in water side and then went out for the parade.  There was minimal traffic and the kids l...
To Everyone who is thinking of the less fortunate, I have worked with the local food bank for years and just wanted to give you some information.  No matter what though, please donate if you can!!! 1.  $1.00, Typical can of food cost about a dollar 2.  $.28, Cost of the Food bank to feed a family...
Here is the Realtor required Code of Ethics training required by the end of the year, not everyone needs this but a lot do.  It is great training whether you need it or not.  I learned some things one of which is a listing agent needs to disclose the expiration date of a listing when asked.  If t...
We Just had an Agent Mastermind with 6 other companies, not only did everyone learn alot, we bonded.  In this market their is obviously alot of competition but it was real nice to hang out with friends and listen to a panal of experts.  Everyone took their colors off and we talked about the basic...
This is some video of Stearns Creek in both Portsmouth, and Chesapeake VA. The Creek runs through the middle of the neighborhoods Point Elizabeth in Chesapeake, and Sterling Point in Portsmouth. It has good water throughout most of the year with an extreem low tide a couple of times. The are is f...
this is not the best video and I will get some more to post.. This is the Season opener in Deep Creek, Chesapeake, VA. We used to live down the street in Wingfield Point and our daughter went to the school. Most of the people in the neighborhoods surrounding the school walk there for the games. I...
Please enjoy or toss into the fire because the video didn't work, update, it did work. I will be posting videos of all my homes now that I got it. I will also toss in some of the local flavor and if you have any videos that your proud of please forward them to me and I will put them up as well. T...
I thought they all left for the winter with the big white birds....  I am working on 2 listings right now and then buyers show up, I might get to quit my pizza delivery job!  It is pretty neat seeing some of my friends start to blog, just wanted to share a happy day.  I,m going to start playing w...
Just went through 5 awesome post by  Loreena Yeo - Realtor(R)/Broker proudly serving Frisco TX Real Estate Frisco, TX More about me... 3:16 team REALTY Cell Phone: (214) 783-2210 Sorry for the mess, but if I can steer another meat head like my self, i'm doing good.  She has a great post on how to...

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