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My goal is to share information about the mortgage market, my community and myself, as well as to provide timely information for buyer's, sellers and home owners in Maryland.
How To Get Approved For A Mortgage In Maryland If you have ever dreamed buying a home but you don’t have a boatload of cash sitting around, you are probably wondering  if you can ever qualify for a mortgage. Do you already own a home but are not sure if you are in the RIGHT loan?  That’s where a ...
Dealing With Stress In Real Estate   I am the Maryland Mortgage Mama and I am an Energist.   I have been studying EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for many years and was recently certified as a Master Practitioner through the AMT.    I was asked to give a talk to Realtors about ways to deal with...
      Are you searching for a new place to live, or do you know of anyone who may want to learn what it takes to buy a home?       Tired of paying your landlord's mortgage? Not sure if you can qualify or even where to start? Not even sure what questions to ask?         Join us for: HOME BUYING 10...
Thinking that it's time to take a break since the holidays are almost upon us?  The stores have had Christmas decorations in since August, must be getting close! Some agents and lenders (not to mention buyers and sellers) think that everyone takes a break from real estate during the holidays.  Th...
Home Buying Class in Maryland   If you'd prefer, skip to the video!   So I am just wondering.  Have you heard that it’s a great time to buy a home? Have you thought about buying but don’t even know what questions to ask?  Are you tired of throwing your money away on rent with nothing to show for...
ACTIVERAIN MAKES ME A PROBLEM SOLVER!   I received a call from a realtor I had never met before.  She was referred by another agent who I work with regularly.   "I am looking for a loan officer for my client.  Though they speak English, their first language is Vietnamese and would be most comfort...
How Do I Reach Buyers and Sellers ONLINE?   One of the biggest hurdles that holds back many new (and seasoned) bloggers is the search for topics.   Here are a few ideas that might help when you are blocked.     Online Resume-This is where you can pat yourself on the back without looking like you ...
Gene makes some great points about a MORTGAGE CONSULTATION!  It is so important to know where YOU are before you make a final decision about your mortgage. Rates you find on the internet may have no relevance when it comes to your situation.  Take my client, let's call him Bob.  Bob called for a ...
The Maryland Mortgage Mama The Maryland Mortgage Mama, it's what I do and who I am!   I have been in the mortgage business for about 14 years and over the years MORTGAGE MAMA has grown into not only my tag line, but my persona.   IN THE BEGINNING: One of the realtors I worked with when I first be...
This is such an important story and one that deserves to be shared and shared! Please take a few moments to read and see if you recognize yourself or someone you love in any of the players in Kathy's story.  Please think BEFORE you drink.  How are you getting home? Unfortunately,  thinking after ...

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