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Barbara Le Pine: Selling homes on the Central Oregon Coast. Here you will find a colorful mix of thoughts and ideas from a full time Real Estate Broker who lives in and works in the entire Lincoln County Area, I am a Lincoln City realtor, Otis Realtor, Gleneden Beach Realtor, Depoe Bay Realtor, Otter Rock Realtor, Beverly Beach Realtor, Agate Beach Realtor, Newport Realtor, Yaquina Bay Realtor, Toledo Realtor, South Beach Realtor, Seal Rock Realtor, Waldport Realtor, Alsea Realtor, Tidewater Realtor, and Yachats Realtor.
For anybody following the decoration of "Blue Bunny outflow pipe," here is the latest - Behold! The Frank Sinatra style hat, pure rat pack! This water outflow pipe is in a subdivision near Albany, Oregon. It's blue color indicates it belongs to the water system. It's ears and teeth indicate it is...
Behold the new spring fashion for the water pipe located in an Oregon subdivision which has a seasonal change of attire, thanks to an anonomous decorator who lives closeby. The latest togs include a new stylish hat, butterfly wings and a few new friends over for a cup of tea in the sunshine. I ha...
Here is the latest St. Patty's decoration to an outflow water pipe at a subdivision in rural Oregon. Love the green leprechan hat! No one has seen the perpetrator, however the candies left as a gift were gone when this photo was taken. They no doubt live nearby and have a great sense of humor.Bel...
My closet is full of slip on shoes and zip up boots for showing appointments on the Oregon coast. The weather is wet with footprints aplenty in the listed homes, especially if shoes are not removed at the door before showing.Now, there is a NICE pair of slip ons!
Without warning, the faucet handle shot into the air, hit the ceiling with a "BANG," narrowly missed the glass light fixture. It was lucky the owners were home, or the water could have caused major damage. Note the extensive corrosion to the threads on the failed part. Water spewed out of the fau...
Agents who list foreclosed REO properties know that an empty house attracts vandalism, even if the home has nothing left to take. One of the most frightening aspects of the foreclosure listing is your first visit to the property. Do not go alone! Call the police if there is evidence the property ...
Snow day, or beach day, it's a great day at Advantage Real Estate! Our Wednesday morning meeting was enhanced by a dusting of snow. I may be the only representative of Advantage for the Wednesday Broker's tour today, 9:00 to 12:00. There are a couple of gift card drawings at the Broker open house...
It was an unusually beautiful morning in Depoe Bay, Oregon today. This is a photo of waves crashing through the blowhole on the sea wall along Highway 101.This weekend will be a busy time for me, I will be volunteering at the Newport Seafood and Wine Festival Ambassadors Booth. Looking forward to...
Yet another good reason to live on the Central Oregon Coast! Many of my relocation buyers are surprised when they hear about the many cultural events happening in Lincoln County. Lincoln Pops Big Band delivers a good dose of fun for residents and visitors to Lincoln City, Oregon. The "Pops" is a ...
The vandals struck in the cloak of darkness........Some unnamed person has "vandalized" a water outflow pipe without permission! This particular blue pipe is overflow from a rural water tank, the overflow works similar to an overflow drain inside a bath. If the tank gets too full, water will spra...

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A mix of thoughts and ideas from a full time Real Estate Broker who lives in and works in the entire Lincoln County Area, serving Lincoln City, Otis, Gleneden Beach, Depoe Bay, Otter Rock, Beverly Beach, Agate Beach, Newport, Yaquina Bay, Toledo, South Beach, Seal Rock, Waldport, Alsea, Tidewater, and Yachats.