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Negotiation is the key to being a master of real estate, but in this market, there are so many new aspects to over come that it becomes difficult to get through any deal. Here is some insight into being an educated buyer/seller and making the decisions that will get you where you want to be. 1. ...
Not only is Northern Colorado getting the new NASA center, but also a new Alzheimers residential facility and an expansion for the solar company Abound. These expansions translate directly to new jobs! Northern Colorado should expect to get over 10,000 new jobs with the implementation of these fa...
Maintenance is key to maintaining any single item you buy and ensuring a long life, and a home is no different. Not maintaining your home means lower property values, especially if it looks very run down. The worn condition could lead appraisers to devalue  it by 10%, a significant adjustment. Th...
Rent prices are up. Big surprise there. But how much? The nationwide average is up 6.7% from June 2010, whereas prices for studio apartments are up 14.3%, and a five-bedroom home is 12.1% more. One- and two-bedrooms got off relatively easy, with average increases of 2.3% and 2%, respectively. Ten...
Some are calling for 10%, some for 20%. But how would needing a larger downpayment actually affect homebuyers? Well, it could set them back, often more than a decade. Now don't get me wrong, downpayments are not a bad thing, but raising the minimum could have drastic consequences. The Center for ...
Over the last few years shortsales and foreclosures have flooded the market. There are huge bargains to be found when looking through them, but which is better for the bargain hunters? It largely depends on the buyer's situation and requirements, especially in terms of how fast they need the new ...
About 50% of property managers have seen an increase in applicants moving to rental units from foreclosed properties. However, foreclosed home owners may not find such great deals in the rental market. Vacancies are shrinking and rent is rising, which could cause problems with people finding affo...
In 2010, Habitat for Humanity ranked as the one of the nation's largest builders, constructing nearly 4,600 new homes nationwide. The group also fixed up and resold more than 1,400 homes. They have been building homes for low income families for some time now, and many people did not know they al...
Most people do! So it's safe to assume that they do the same when looking at your home. Whether your selling or just want your home to appear as put together as you are (or give off that illusion!), having a nicely manicured entrance and yard is key. There are definitely steps to creating a great...

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