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You may not be familiar with Lori Ballen, Ballen Brands, or The Ballen Method - but I’m almost certain one of your respected professional peers is. Someone you know likely knows my name. Talk to your associates, your friends in real estate, and ask what they know about the Ballen name. I’m confident you’ll be intrigued. My reputation wasn’t crafted by accident, irony, chance, or luck. I earned respect (and rewards!) the hard way. Using the stepping stones I’ve spent more than a decade constructing, you, too, can build your success story in business. I share my failures (and my win/wins!) to help you succeed.
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In Facebook, you can now compare your ad set strategies with Facebook Ad Split Testing. You can now test 2-3 ad sets with different delivery strategies to see which gives you the best Lead generation results.[ Play Tutorial Video Below] How to do a Facebook Ad Split Test Choose your Variable How ...
We use a table of contents purely to increase the user experience. When a website visitor is reading text, it can be boring and annoying to scroll through to find what they are looking for. A table of contents allows the visitor to click an item and immediately shoot down the page to what they wa...
  Where is the best place to live in Las Vegas? “Best” is whatever are meets the criteria you and your family are looking for. While one person may feel that living downtown is the “best” place to be, another may define the best neighborhood as one that does not have a home owners association. A...
The Clark County fire department is encouraging politicians to pass a bill requiring that all newly constructed residential houses have fire sprinklers installed. Las Vegas currently has a law that states that any house over 10,000 square feet is required to have fire sprinklers. Fire fighters b...
Aliante is a Master Planned Community in North Las Vegas, NV.  Active Listing Volume 1st and 2nd Quarter 2017 Month  Active Listings, $ Volume Jan $18,056,587 Feb $20,428,164 Mar $21,120,668 Apr $21,691,439 May $19,736,177 Jun $21,239,729  Active Number of Listings 1st and 2nd Quarter 2017 Month ...
The Holli McCray Group consistently sells over 300 homes per year. Lori Ballen, marketing guru and real estate agent in Las Vegas, took the time to interview them and see how they’ve been so successful in their real estate business.If you would like to learn more about joining Keller Williams, pl...
These tutorials include tools that I, Lori Ballen, use in my every day lead generation strategies. It’s important that you realize it’s not the tools that are necessary for you to use, it’s the concepts that you need to learn. If you have the budget to afford these tools, then by all means, dive...
CONTACT: Lori Ballen Ballen Brands 702-917-0755 team@ballenbrands.com BallenBrands.com Ballen Brands Launches New Real Estate Agent Website ThemeBallen Brands, a marketing company for real estate agents, has launched a new theme for their real estate agent websites, known to many as BREW (Ballen ...
How to BlogTrack your results to see if you are ranking on the search engines [lesson] on SEMrush, or by using your Google Search Console [Lesson]. Remember, searching for a phrase on your own computer on Google will result in artifical rankings based on the fact that Google knows who you are and...

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