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Men and women see things differently. No news here. When it comes to home buying thou, the two sexes look at the needs/desires/wants very differently. Not only will any two people,  not agree all the time (or rarely) . Men and women see their new nesting place with unique visions. That may pose a...
 If water is tight, we go where no man has gone before. Down into the earth super far to hit water.All for a great lot in a great development and will have a great house built on it :)Complete DesignBuild to suit/New construction916 676 6534
When it comes to Real Estate choices. Few people are really sold on a particular home. As we say in the business...there is no "PUURFECT" house. Well....i say there is. How you ask? Clearly every home has something you would envision different the day you move in. BUT>> not when you build your ow...
We were out shopping a bigger builder in the area. We looked at their most current house going up. I whipped out my trusty tape measure. (all guys like me carry one) I measured the exterior wall width. It was 4 inches...yes 4 ! The current standard (law) in the State of California is 6 inches ext...
Yes its true, somethings just don't mix well. Drinking and driving, your tongue and a frozen metal pole, and a cat in a room full of snakes. Ok , i made up the last one :).Some great ideas at one time don't seem so great later. Wood shingled roofs are one of those. Wood doesn't go well with fire,...
The land of new home construction can seem like a world far away. But it needn't be. We try to take the worry out, but leave the fun in. With turn key projects, we do everything you need, and then you get the keys. From plans, permits, house construction and landscaping. We do it all. Just add lo...

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Granite Bay Luxury New Construction...For Less
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