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Available now is a custom Build To Suit , Santa Barbara style 3400 square foot home on a most private lot. Acres of open space with no neighbors behind you to see. This home will have an amazing family open feel, an amazing rear courtyard, 3 car garage, and the best  feature of the home is that e...
Michael Thornton  posted a question re a home inspector being asked a question about whether he or she would purchase this house. Many agents ran from the question, if you RUN....your client may run also...and away from you as well!!Embrace the question and the answer. Do you run from the questio...
We were showing a buyer our 2.3 acre flat lot in an exclusive neighborhood today (Chelshire Estates) and grandkids came up. Of course, i had to bring up my Aiden. Then his mom came up :). Here is a picture my daughter sent me that my granson loved. See if you do:)    
  Whether its family, friends or work. Keep your eye keenly focused this holiday season. Its easy to take your eye off the ball. When you may drop it. Like a punt returner who starts to run before he catches it. Or celebrating with a client before the escrow is closed. Or assuming that a...
Time stands still for no man. (or woman) Its sad that i even have to qualify that. :) He who can not see out of the box will die in the box.Not literally, thou perhaps. If we are so stuck in our ways, that we can not get out of our own way... we will go the way of the Dodo. The answers my friends...
As a seller, you often take for granted the buyer's agent.How do i do that you ask? My agent is MY agent....Why should i care about the buyers agent?Why...because you don't have a sale without the buyer.You dont have a buyer without that agent.What comes first? Chicken or egg? I Don't know.Butttt...
Fannie and freddie are now beholding to the Govt in a special way. The people need to know how insidious the Govt has become in taking everything...check it out.
Sometimes the video is so real, it can be more revealing than life. Here is an example how we can show you,   what your brain can imagine. Just imagine it and we can build it . :) 
This is a good one to have on YOUR website....:) 
We just love making people happy! Congrats to the newest family we are welcoming to our Los Lagos Community. This 4400 square foot home with pool and over an acre of land is going to be home to a new bouncing baby boy named Ethan. We enjoy designing these homes , but they really aren't a home unt...

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Granite Bay Luxury New Construction...For Less
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