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Aloha Everyone,The "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" Investment Seminar will be in Hawaii next week.  It's based on the popular investment series by Robert Kiyosaki.Good place to take your clients to educate them on Real Estate investing.Here the link to register:http://www.myeducationnetwork.com/learn_to_be_...
Aloha Everyone,Last week a fellow Rainer wrote a blog about American Idol's efforts to raise money on their Idol Gives Back special and left a link for us to donate if we wanted to.  I did watch last night, and I believe they raised something like 7 million dollars.Good fundraising campaign?  May...
Aloha Fellow Rainers,I was recently approached by a Realtor about this concept of Real Estate MLM (Multi-Level Marketing).  From what I hear this combination is pretty new to Hawaii, but has been growing nationwide.Has anyone had any experience with this?  If you have:1) What has the consumers re...
An interest rate that an applicant qualifies for on a mortgage loan is often determined by their credit score.  And the scoring model most lenders use was created by the Fair Isaac Corp. where the term "FICO" score came from.TRUE or FALSE?  The more credit pulls/inquires an applicant has, the wor...
Aloha Everyone,According to bankrate.com's national survey of large banks, today's average Mortgage Interest Rate is:6.29% with .27 points for a 30 yr fixed loan. (I wanted to send you the whole article, but not sure if it violates any copyright rules! I'm new to Active Rain) Of course, the clien...
Aloha Everyone,In today's Hawaii Homes section in the Honolulu Advertiser, there is a great article for steps a buyer should be taking prior to purchasing a home.  I wanted to share this because as a Loan Officer, I have had numerous instances where a buyer would come to me trying to qualify for ...

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