Looking for a new water heater? Trying to figure out the best water heater to buy? Maybe your current one is on its last legs or you’ve simply outgrown your old unit.  Go to and read our article on "Appliance Spotlight:  Water Heaters" before your next purchase. Please let...
Are you concerned about the high rate of burglaries? If so, read more about what common things you can do to protect your house, or what the best type of door or window lock that you can buy.  Go to and click on Security in the Home to read more. Let me know what types of ...
Using smart technology to make your home eco-friendly, so you can save money and have a green home is always a plus.  To find out more about "Smart Technology in The Intelligent Home" go to Please let me know if you have any Smart Technology in your home and what you thin...
Before removing walls in your home, it is essential to determine if the wall is a support wall.  To find out more information, go to and read Tips for Taking Down a Wall.   Please let me know if you have other suggestions or stories about removing walls. Thanks, Allison
A few ways to save money are: 1. Install a programmable thermostat. 2. Use “Smart Power Strips” to turn off power to electronics when not in use. 3. Turn off lights when you leave a room.   Want to know more ways of saving money?  Go to and click on 25 Money Savings Tips f...
Want to know how you can get tax credits from your next home improvements? The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 makes some significant changes to the tax credits that are available to homeowners who make energy-efficient improvements in 2009 and 2010.  Read the article on http://www...
Buying a wall oven is a great space-saving appliance. A built-in wall oven, unlike a regular freestanding range, is surrounded by cabinets. The cabinets are usually built under and above the oven, providing ideal storage space for your cookware.  To learn more about the different features of a wa...
Any time of year is a good time to consider the condition of your windows, siding, or roof. In the article, "Windows, Siding, and Roofs" found at are some helpful tips when it comes time to replace any of them. Happy Reading, Allison
Wanted to suggest reading an article on "How to Compost", as we have all heard about composting, but check out how easy it can be at  Let me know if you have any other composting suggestions. Allison
A great article just posted on how to save money when you are remodeling.  Go to and click on "Save Money When Remodeling." Let me know if you have any money saving suggestions. Allison

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