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Hey everyone, I am taking an un-official poll for my own curiosity.  I know that most real estate agents have to deal with short sales these days and most that I talk with are not all that excited about it. So here is my question.  What is the number one thing that you like the least about short ...
One of the greatest challenges in working short sales is that often the seller is moving toward foreclosure.  This continually creates the possibility that their home will be sold back to the bank at foreclosure auction before you as the real estate agent have a chance to get a qualified buyer. I...
I don't know where this is going to end up but it would be pretty amazing to have such a large tax credit when buying a house.   Tax Credit Alert - $8,000 to $15,000?? Will the flood gates open for home sales?  Through some news reports such as Bloomberg and other media outlets, those lawmakers i...
This is not intended to sound like I am bragging I just want to emphasize a point that can supercharge your short sale business. I am sure you have heard the phrase, "It isn't what you know, it's WHO you know."  This is as true in short sales as it is in any other part of life. How often have you...
Let me start out by saying life truly has an 80/20 rule.  It is amazing to me that seemingly no matter where you look it is there.  In the professional world it is no different.  20% of the professionals out there accomplish 80% of the work.  Drill it down, 20% of the Bankruptcy attorneys are top...
May is just about over.  It went so fast when I look back on it but at times it felt like it would never end.  If you do much in the short sale world, you know that this was the big integration month for Countrywide and Bank of America.  Fortunately, the two companies are not fully integrating th...
Well I never really like to be in this position but yesterday morning we had two short sale properties with offers on them scheduled to hit the auction block.  Just a little background so you are not confused.  Washington, where these two properties are located, is a Non-Judicial foreclosure stat...
It is unfortunate that sometimes it takes something tragic to reflect on how blessed we are.  On Mother's Day not far from where we live, a tragic accident happened that caused the death of a nine year old girl.  She was riding on the back of her uncle's motor cycle when a car pulled out in front...
  Network Agents,   I had mixed emotions about the announcement earlier this week that Fannie Mae was requiring lenders to pay full RE commissions on short sales not to exceed 6%. (They had to put that caveat in there because agents would start writing up listing agreements at 12% of the sale pri...

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This is a blog that journeys through the process of a short sale. We will discuss shortsale negotiations, pricing strategy, BPO, and even how to postpone foreclosure auction dates.