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It's all about the Greater Wilkes-Barre Area and fulfilling people's needs to find or sell their home. You'll find helpful hints, good advice and an occasional rant or two.'s the W-B.
and how's it working out for you. I just added a listing today and am really excited about learning something new here. Does anyone out there use the premium features? Are they worth the cost? I'm really looking for some feedback from anyone who uses it. Thanks to all who directed me to the site,...
Let me warn you ahead of time...this is a long blog...and looking back on it (I added this line afterwards) is quite possibly a mindless rant...I never really thought it would happen. When I fisrt started in the real estate business, I was bound and determined that I would be available, no matter...
I see so much about people's website's and how great they are at generating leads. I hate to admit it, but I am wayyyyyy behind the curve on this one. I realize that I'm probably working way too hard these days, but it keeps me in shape, right? OK, maybe not. Any suggestions on a good place to st...
I want to share a little bit about my Broker, MSC Preferred Properties, Inc. When I first got my license, I placed it with a large nationally branded Broker. I thought that I would be able to stay afloat amidst a sea of support with over 50 other agents in the office. What I got was buffeted by t...
That's what this business is all about. Today I got two referrals from people I have taken the time to create a good relationship with. One was from a client who is closing on his house next Friday. He texted me at 10:15pm, so excited that he was able to send me business that he couldn't wait unt...
I'm hosting an Open House for one of my listings at 64 N. Grant Street in Wilkes-Barre, PA this Sunday July 15 from 1pm to 3pm. This is a newly remodeled 3BR home so close to shopping and schools that a car is almost unnecessary! It has a new roof, new windows, a new furnace, a new water heater, ...
I was out with clients this weekend looking at some houses in the area when I was struck with just how important first impressions are. At the first house, there was a bit of anxiety as we stood at the door and I opened the Supra lockbox to get the key. You could feel it in the air. I always try ...
I've run into this so many times in my short career in real estate. It happens on both sides of the sale. We're human, so we need to understand that it will and, as Realtors, we need to really be aware of it in ourselves.I've had the divorcing couple selling their home that they bought when they ...
I hope you don't mind me sharing an obsession. It's called Geocaching. It's basically a modern day treasure hunt. You use a GPS to find hidden "caches" all over the world. I've been doing it for about 5 years now and I love doing it. Our area has some of the most beautiful country I've ever seen,...
I received a phone call yesterday and was invited to a cookout at a client's house. It came at a great time for me, as I had a frustrating day of missed appointments and disappointments. I took my wife and daughter and arrived to find a whole house full of people. There were essentially three fam...


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It's all about the Greater Wilkes-Barre Area and fulfilling people's needs to find or sell their home. You'll find helpful hints, good advice and an occasional rant or two.'s the W-B! Check out my website at