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By Andrew Johnson, Real Estate Service and Inventory Specialist
(Touchstone Realty)
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We are awarded for production in our office and also as a board.  What I dont that is fair is when a "Team Leader" gets all the credit.  I closed a house with a wonderful agent the other day, she was great.  I recorded the closing under her name, and her "Team Leader" called me and said everything had to be recorded under her.  How is this fair.  I get so tired of hearing people pad their numbers... OH I did 25 million last year... No you didn't you did 4 million and your team did the other 21 million.   I think it is crap.  What does a team leader offer that is so great.  I have 3 people that work under me.  I feed them the same as a "Team Leader" but I take no credit for their work.  Why cant the agents see that all they are doing is hurting themselves.  THey are getting no credit no ...

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