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By Corry Van Aelstyn
(Cindy Gerke and Associates)
It's Monday but in our business it is actually Tuesday.  I had two open houses yesterday and it was hot!  First house had air conditioning but the seller prefers not to use it.  Don't you realize it is hot!  We are in the Mississippi River Valley in Wisconsin and it get darn muggy.  You can break out in a sweat just minding your own business.  Another mayfly hatch and goodness knows that it is one of mother nature's biggest mistakes.  There is no reason for these critters except to breed and then die......all in a 24 hour period!  What a life.  I hear mayflies are great bat food. Oh! Wonderful.  I was wondering where I could get some free Bat Chow for my little babies................come on.  There has got to be another purpose for these smelly, annoying insects.  WHAT IS IT???????  SOM...
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