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By Frank Pabon, USDA, FHA, Appleton Home Loans 920-319-5368,
(Hartford Financial Services - Wisconsin Mortgage Lender)
2 Incredible Secrets To Refinancing Your Bellevue Mortgage Are you a homeowner and have not yet taken advantage of the lowest Bellevue mortgage interest rates in history because your home’s value is upside down?  Have you tried to refinance your existing Bellevue Mortgage only to be denied by your bank or any Bellevue Mortgage Company?  Are you one of the over 23% of American Homeowners that owe more on their home than they can sell it for? Hartford Financial has partnered with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to offer two programs that will allow your family to save $75 to $275 a month regardless of your home’s value. This partnership has ushered in the opportunity for Bellevue Homeowners to be able to take advantage of the lowest Belle...
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By Duane Murphy, Broker- Owner-Real Estate -
(Expert Real Estate Partners LLC)
Let's get started on the path to recovery! For many home owners, the world of short sale in Wisconsin is a completely new and unfamiliar one. Most people were not even aware that a short sale could take place; however, with the growing number of foreclosures and the increased anxiety from home owners, short sales are quickly finding their way into the everyday vocabulary. It’s important to understand the facts involved in selling a short sale in Bellevue, WI. Although it can benefit both the home owner and the lender, it can be quite the lengthy process. The paperwork, the bargaining and the contractual agreements can be a little overwhelming for anyone, especially someone trying not to lose his home. This is why most successful short sales are done through a qualified and licensed WI s...
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