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By Bill Sauneuf
(John L. Scott Real Estate / Yelm)
 I Captured an Elk... With My Camera of Course...This big guy was out for a stroll just a little West of the development "Elk Haven" in Sedro Woolley.  Nice to see that all the construction has not kept these magnificent animals away....  I was returning from a home inspection in Concrete when I saw a few cars pulled off the side of the road and the people all had cameras... I looked in the direction they were looking and saw this big elk wandering around.Unfortunately, I didn't have my tri-pod with me and the elk was at least 500 yards away... My camera has a fantastic zoom on it, but when you shoot something that far away with a full 790mm zoom a tripod is pretty much necessary to get a crystal clear shot. 
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By Ben Kinney, We do real estate:Tech, Training, Sales, Brokerage
(Ben Kinney Team)
Sedro Woolley homes boast the tranquility of rural living with all the conveniences of the city.  Just minutes away from I-5, Sedro Woolley homes are perfect for commuters as well as parents who want to raise their children in a small, all-American town. Many Sedro Woolley homes are classics, constructed nearly a century ago.  Owners of these houses have maintained the buildings meticulously and preserved their antique charm.   The turn-of-the-century (not the most recent turn, of course) houses are generally smaller - two and three-bedrooms are most common - and are found in the south side of town.   Most of these Sedro Woolley homes have undergone several renovations, ensuring that residents have access to the latest designs and technology, while still allowing them to live in truly h...
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By Bill Sauneuf
(John L. Scott Real Estate / Yelm)
Search for Homes for sale by Neighborhood Washington >> Skagit County >> Sedro Woolley >>Neighborhoods: AlgerBacus Hill Brickyard Creek Cain Lake Cape Horn Clear Lake Day Creek Dukes Hill Eagle Valley Glenhaven Hamilton Lyman Sedro Woolley  Sedro Woolley is the home of the LoggerRodeo... The oldest 4th of July Celebration in Washington State!For more information, you can contact the Loggerodeo on (360) 770-8452.
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