Olympus (Newcastle, WA)
By Rene Fabre, Practicing Philosophical Eclectic of the Arts
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For the love of Maps... I have loved maps since I was a half-pint. Not that I’m all that tall now, but back when I was 8 or so to about 12, I remember being enamored by them. I was one of those kids that ordered weather maps from the back page ads in Boys' Life Magazine. We often went to the local library during that time and I was fascinated to look over maps by early explorers of the Northwest like Lewis & Clark, Captain Vancouver and Cook, etc. Out of that experience I made maps about our adventures in the woods across the street from our home. I detailed the trails, where our tree houses were, where our rafts were hidden at the big pond, where our stashes of pop, candy, and tools were kept, and where our super secret emergency meeting place was (by the old abandoned mining shaft dee...
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By Michael Creel
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As summer approaches I prepare for the sound of music! My home is fairly close to Lake Boren Park, and each year I get to sit in the back yard and enjoy the sound of live music. Every summer is interesting here in Newcastle's Olympus neighborhood; from the community garage sale, moonlight movie nights, to the Arts & Crafts show. The 23-acre Lake Boren Park at the base of Olympus is a major asset to the neighborhood and a gathering place for many Newcastle residents. With a large play area, sand volleyball court, tennis courts, walking trails and a fishing dock, it's a very popular destination. The homeowners association, which meets monthly, hosts an annual neighborhood garage sale and Easter egg hunt. "The upscale Olympus neighborhood in Newcastle lives up to the grandeur its name impl...
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"The upscale Olympus neighborhood in Newcastle lives up to the grandeur its name implies, with sweeping views of the Olympic Mountains, Lake Washington and Mount Rainier, along with well-kept yards and homes," writes Jolene Gensheimer in a special to The Seattle Times Real Estate section on Sunday, October 14th, 2007.The Olympus community was established in 1987, when construction of the development began. The development was built during the mid 90's and boasts 267 homes. Olympus is served by two school districts: Issaquah and Renton. The neighborhood benefits from an active homeowner's association that meets on a monthly basis. The association hosts many events that contribute to the sense of intamicy shared by the residents. "Instead of being just a neighborhood of houses, it is a co...
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