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By Michael Mapes-Suntrust Mortgage
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One out of every married man sleeps aloneby Michael Mapes, The Responsible Mortgage LenderAs I walked in the door this evening I kissed my wife and kids hello.  It was a great day.  At the dinner table talk turned to the local news story about married couples who sleep in separate beds.  The story concluded a study that stated that 25% of all married couples sleep in separate beds in separate rooms because of the male in the relationship snoring so loud that the female cannot sleep.  Well truth be told I snore, according to my wife I snore loudly.  Of course she snores as well, which I pointed out to her.  I also explained to her that men have to sleep on the couch because of the female hogging the bed.  Tonight I get to sleep on the couch for general principals.Go figure. Open mouth in...
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