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By SHERRY HAYWARD, Charlottesville Homes and Farms
Barboursville Real Estate Making The Most When Selling Your Barboursville VA property Featured Barboursville Home For Sale Real Results   Have you ever wondered why the nicest houses in the neighborhood seem to stay on the market forever? Or why some of your neighbors settle for less than their Baboursville real estate is really worth? In today’s market it’s more important than ever to work with an agent that has the knowledge to get you the most money possible for your home including: The most likely buyer for your home and how best to reach them What features buyers are looking for and what they expect from the homes in your neighborhood. What marketing techniques are driving the most buyer traffic. Why settle for an agent that will simply place a “For Sale” sign in your yard when you...
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We all know the basics in selling Real Estate but when you want to sell your Charlottesville Real Estate I actually recommend that your first step is NOT to talk to your agent. Here are the details for Selling Charlottesville Real Estate and you will find that the first step is to understand the market. Check your gut feeling Most people have a gut feeling about what the market is doing and you do not typically need to be told what kind of a market we are currently in. Charlottesville Photos Photos, Pricing and Staging are some of the additional steps and we have it well oulined for you. We hope that this will help in with the process of selling your Charlottesville Home.  
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  Albemarle County is not a household name like Charlottesville but remember that Charlottesville is located in the center of Albemarle County which is in central Virginia We have grand estates and horse farms in Albemarle. The back roads will give you a feeling of peace and harmony as you drive by these beautiful properties. When you are ready to tour, just give me a call, it is my favorite things to do in our area.  CLICK PHOTO  (photo taken by Charles McDonald of the driveway of a past listing of mine in Albemarle Virginia…)  Albemarle County Virginia Home Information The Real Estate market everywhere is constantly changing and Charlottesville and Albemarle are no exception. It takes a drive around Albemarle to understand and enjoy the beauty of this area. In Albemarle we have SOLD 9...
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Today I am off to show homes in Charlotteville. These clients are looking for a 3rd home to purchase with me. It is great to have clients who are so loyal to my business. Have a wonderful Saturday! Showing Charlottesville Real Estate , one of my favorite things to do with clients so if you see me driving around the Charlottesville or Crozet area, give me a wave or honk! Call or email me if you need anything Charles Pick a County to Search for Real Estate   A few neighborhoods to consider: Old Trail, Still Meadow, Belvedere, Dunlora, Glenmore
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Sunday morning in Charlottesville and my family and I are off for a hike before we get the day started. Sometime I have to take coffee on the road Great morning to spend some time with family   Enjoy the fine weather! Remember, showing Charlottesville Real Estate , one of my favorite things to do with clients so if you see me driving around the Charlottesville or Crozet area, give me a wave or honk! Call or email me if you need anything Charles A few neighborhoods to consider:   Old Trail ,   Forest Lakes ,   Dunlora ,    Glenmore
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Yesterday I got a call from a friend and client who recently moved to Virginia from the west Coast....She asked me: "Charles What is an ice-storm?"Well an ice storm is easier to explain (like a lot of things) with a few pictures!Notice in the above picture that it is cold enough for the rain/ice to from and freeze around these branches.Here is a photo of a Dogwood Tree (in my front yard) look at the back branches and see how the water has frozen in place!We have four wonderful seasons in Charlottesville and every day is an adventure!_______________________ If you are looking at homes, land or an estate in the Charlottesville area your first step is to visit my Charlottesville Real Estate website (where all listed properties are available). For detailed information contact Charles McDona...
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