State Fair (Salt Lake City, UT)
By Larry O'Sullivan
                                  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Come to the Utah State Fair It is on NOW (until 9/18) at the State Fair Park in Salt Lake City UT, 84116, 155 n 1000 w,  I was there all day yesterday and had a great time. Right amount of heat and sunshine, cloudless skies, just enough dust to get into the Utah State Fair mood. The aromas of the cattle and sheep pavilions, really remarkably spotless, reminded that over the last few years of city-fication I have been excluding rural activities that were very much part of my past. (note to self ~ repent, and get back to my roots more often). You can take the boy out of the farm but you cannot take the farm out of the boy. (Side note ~ tractor types that I used in my past are now being displayed as antiques. It seems just like yesterday. I ...
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