Federal Hieghts, Avenues (Salt Lake City, UT)
By Ron Erkson, AB, GRI, ABR
While visiting a friend's home recently, I noticed a saying that had been stenciled on the wall in big letters: "A House is Built with Boards and Beams, A Home is Built with Love and Dreams."     I love the idea that a house - the actual edifice - can become more when filled with people. But the proverb also indicates a need for a place - a physical structure - in which we cultivate relationships and live our lives.     For too many Utahns, the dream of owning a home has grown out of reach over the past several years. Even those not in the market for a new home feel the economic crunch. The construction industry alone lost 11,000 jobs in the past year.     These are challenging economic times, but we control our own destiny. Getting the housing market back on track will go a long way to...
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