Emigration Canyon (Salt Lake City, UT)
By Connor Southworth
Emigration Canyon Condos Emigration Canyon is home to some of Salt Lake's most popular condominium communities. All of the communities are located at the mouth of the canyon - none of them are actually up in Emigration Canyon. Most of these communities offer spectacular views as well as access to some great outdoor activities.  Here you can find my list of every condo for sale in Emigration Canyon with information about each community Emigration Canyon Condos - my favorite communities Bench Tower Condos in Emigration CanyonAll things considered (pricing, amenities, views, floor plans, etc), Bench Tower is my personal favorite condo community in Emgration Canyon. The skyroom is one of the most spectacular amenities offered by any condo in Salt Lake City. The views from the Bench Tower ar...
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Emigration Canyon is home to six of the best condo communities in the Salt Lake Valley. I am going to give you a rundown of these communities and point you towards resources that will show you every condo that is for sale in each of these buildings as well as more in depth information about each one. There are six major condominium communities near the mouth of Emigration Canyon, just up the road from Hogle Zoo. These are all located on either Donner Way or Kennedy Drive and all are within a quarter mile of each other. I'm going to list each community in order of how well I, personally, like it. #1 - Bench Tower Condos Why I like it: Bench Tower is the complete package. They have my single favorite feature offered by any of these communities - the sky lounge. You can click on the link a...
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Emigration Canyon is one of the seven canyons that are a part of the Wasatch Mountains.  The canyon has been developed  with residential homes more than most canyons.  About 1,000 people live in the canyon.   It is a great place fore residents to live and for people to recreate.  Real Estate in the CanyonHomes that are on the floor of the canyon next to the road are less expensive priced around $300,000-$400,000.  Homes in the subdivisions are more expensive.  For example, the Wasatch Front Regional Multiple Listing Service shows one home that sold for 1.4 million in the last year in Emigration Oaks.  The market looks stable as of October 2007 with 6 homes on the market and 2 sold in the last 30 days; giving the canyon a 3 month supply of homes on the market.  Highlights of the Canyon ...
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