Orem, UT Real Estate News

By Robert A. Hulme, Home Listing Partner
(Home Buyer Realty Utah)
Utah County Real Estate Outlook on Home Prices is Stable Many economists predicted that the housing market would take a dive and drop in prices.  But here in Utah we have stayed somewhat stable.  In fact, it was only in September did our median sales price see a drop of more than 5%.  So the old saying buy low, sell high is certainly true for most real estate investors.  So you can see why buyers more readily enter the market when they believe that prices are stable, after all who wants to buy a home if they believe it will be worth less tomorrow.  Price stability is on reason the Milken Institute ranked the Utah County area as the Best performing Metro Area.  We have seen strong job growth, wage appreciation and improvement in the high-tech sector. I can see the future looking bright, ...
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By Alan Barker
(Boomerang Leads)
Nearly 280 residential homes and condos were sold in Orem during the first half of 2008. These homes sold for an average price of $226,249 and had a median sold price at a fairly affordable $193,000. Currently there are 556 home and condo listings in Orem. The number of active listings just continues to rise as home sales are staying pretty stagnant. From the date of Q2 sales stats, there is currently more than 10 months worth of residential real estate listings.. These listings have an average list price of $341,516, and a median list price that is 23% higher than the median list price homes in Orem are selling for. Many of the more expensive homes in Orem won't sell for a very long time.
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By Jeff Belonger, The FHA Expert - FHA Loans - FHA mortgages - USDA loans - VA Loans
( Social Media - Infinity Home Mortgage Company, Inc)
 Maybe we should arrest the owner of this land, since it's so brown. What is this world coming to?  People that have power, do they abuse it? Well, we know the answer to that question. But at what cost is power abused!!!There was a 70 old woman in Orem, Utah that was arrested Friday for refusing to accept a ticket for violating a city ordinance. Betty Perry hasn't watered her lawn in over a year because she can't just afford it. Okay, so this town has a city ordinance. Does the tax payers money go to police driving around looking at lawns? Shouldn't this be up to other township officials? I guess crime is very low in Orem, Utah.  Conclusion :  It's your property. Sure, beautification is mandatory in some towns, making it a law. You sometimes need a permit from your township to cut down ...
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