Ogden Canyon (North Ogden, UT)
By Brandon Clark
(UTAH INFRARED Home and Building Inspections)
Ogden Utah Hot Springs Infrared Inspection When we're (Power Check Infrared Home Inspections) not providing Infrared Home Inspections, we always seem to find other cool uses for our high resoloution FLIR infrared cameras. I stopped by our local hot springs located in the Ogden Canyon to take a few infrared images.   As you can see, some of my fellow Ogden citizens had beaten me to the most popular spot             That was perfectly alright though because my Infrared Camera lead me to numerous other hot springs located all along the banks of the river. Many of these springs are quite secluded. With a little help from a FLIR Triple Fusion Infrared Camera and a blow-up kiddy pool than anyone can have access to their own secluded 130+ degree Utah Hot-Spring Hot-Tub. NOTICE THIS SPRING IS 1...
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