Crescents On The Green (Sugar Land, TX)
By Shayne Stone, "Your Rock Solid Choice Realtor" RETIRED
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By Zoe Kaiser
(Hurley Group - Keller Williams)
       Here we are again with another quarterly market report on Crescents On The Green. So far, 2 homes have been sold this year in Crescents On The Green.  Among those 2 homes,  The Highest Selling price of any home was only $414,000. The Lowest Selling price of any home was $365,000. The Highest Price per sq. ft. was $134.55. The Lowest Price per sq. ft. was $106.57.     Have you ever dreamed of red-brick houses? Luxurious swimming pools? Restful patios? Stop dreaming - you're here.     Created by The Hurley Group. Sugar Land, Tx Where Life is Sweet   
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