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On 6/6/2011 I put out this blog: Warning....You're Being Watched! This is a follow-up to my original blog. Unfortunately we were hit during the night by thieves. Ceil said she heard the dogs barking, especially Brutus with his big gruff bark. Brutus is my black lab. She said it wasn't his normal bark, she awakened me since I can sleep through most anything, I didn't hear the barking until she woke me. I did get up and shined my light out the bedroom window into the back yard, but didn't see anything. I told Brutus to hush and he did. I told Ceil it was just some deer. All the neighborhood dogs were also barking. With the drought the deer are coming in closer looking for food an water. Ceil said she thought she heard someone running when I opened the window but I told her it was probably...
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Living at Canyon Lake Texas we have summer storms blow up quickly. The practice of water safety is very important when a wind, rain, and lightening storm comes up and your out on the lake. We had a storm that came in last night out of the blue; it was gone as fast as it appeared. 1. Try to get to dry land as soon as possible. 2. Check the weather 3. Have an EXIT plan What causes lightning? It helps to explain why thunderstorms are more common in the summer.  The Answer from Lightning *From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  *Lightning is an atmospheric discharge of electricity accompanied by thunder, which typically occurs during thunderstorms, and sometimes during volcanic eruptions or dust storms.  In the atmospheric electrical discharge, a leader of a bolt of lightning can travel at s...
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