Port Aransas, TX Real Estate News

By Patricia Eggleston, Let us help you find your place at the beach!
(Keith Donley Real Estate)
With the cold front that blew through Port Aransas on Monday, it is good to see the beaches clear, clean and ready for the annual return of a migratory bird known as the "Winter Texans"!  They are not really birds though they do tend to travel in flocks.  They meander their way to Port Aransas from points north of the border... Texas-Oklahoma border that is..  They rent condos, houses, motel rooms and stay in RV parks too.  They come for one up to six months and some decide to never leave.  They are retirees from the colder climates and they love Port Aransas, Texas.  Some have tried Florida, Arizona and New Mexico for the winter, but most found the magic in here in Port Aransas!Welcome Back!
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