Pirates Beach (Galveston, TX)
By BILL CHERRY, Broker & Wealth Coach
(Bill Cherry, Realtor)
A good portion of Galveston Island has a seawall that somewhat protects its south side from the  anger of the Gulf of Mexico. The first part of that seawall was completed about 1902 after the city had been inundated by the now-famous hurricane of 1900 and the rising waters that it brought. However, there are several miles of the island where there is nothing but occasional sand dunes between dry land and the gulf, and when storms come and the gulf rises most or all of that land is flooded. But if that isn't bad enough, storms as well as the natural action of the gulf cause natural erosion of those beaches. And then there is the other quirk.  Texas has always claimed that those beaches belong to the public.  Access cannot be restricted.  The beaches can't be subdivided and bought. Throu...
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