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By Sussie Sutton, David Tracy Real Estate for Buyers & Sellers
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This last Saturday my husband, and friends, Tellie and Jim went to Galveston to hang out and see what we could get into. We decided to get a little something to eat and drove up to THE SPOT on the Galveston wall. Now when we came up the back way we saw the area and thought it was just a little further up, but no they had done some renovations and added some floors! Yeah for sure we would find a place to sit. Jim dropped us off and we went on in to see if we could score a table! Sure enough we got one on the first floor even with the outside bar… my favorite place in the building and it was packed …any way some people got up and we were able to sit right next to the window which is choice because we like to people watch. We ordered fried fish this time…we usually can’t pass up the burger...
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By BILL CHERRY, Broker & Wealth Coach
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A Primer of the Island's Experience with Gambling's PastBy Bill Cherry Once again, there are those who hope that legislation allowing casino gambling in Texas will be introduced in this session, and that it will be approved.And once again, the uninformed and the unrealistic dreamers who live in Galveston are salivating...they think this is the answer to turning around an economically crashing city.The majority of today's Galvestonians were not here or not old enough at the time to be able to evaluate what effect gambling had on the island's lifestyle and economy before it left for good in 1957. I was.In the days when Galveston's vice was operating wide-open, most homes and businesses throughout the U.S. were not air conditioned. So while tourists came to Galveston for the beaches, they ...
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By BILL CHERRY, Broker & Wealth Coach
(Bill Cherry, Realtor)
  For 99 years, soon to be 100, Gaido's Restaurant has contributed a great deal to the success of Galveston Island as a popular tourist destination. It's impossible to extrapolate how many Island businesses have directly benefited by the numbers -- often 2,500 a day -- who have been drawn to visit the city in anticipation to being able to have a meal or two at Gaido's.  The Gaido family has just released a well-done, slick cookbook.  It tells many of the stories of that restaurant and the people who made it what it would become. But what is more important, the reader can actually closely follow the many recipes, and be able to have their own authentic Gaido's Experience at home.  Say you loved their stuffed blue-shell crabs.  The recipe is there.  What about their salad dressings?  Thei...
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