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IT'S ALWAYS FUN COMING HOME! I just returned from my 30 year college Homecoming this weekend.  What a joy it was touring the campus and remembering some really great times.  I walked the campus, went to my old dorm, visited the bookstore and of course went to the game. I met up with one of my classmates and former roommates.  She looked great and we talked for hours catching up on our lives.  Isn't it amazing how 30 years can go by yet you can just pick right up where you left off?  Amazing to me! Yes, you can come home!  Of course a lot has changed but we all have too as well.  The main thing is reconnecting and staying in touch. When I left North Texas State University as it was called back then, we did not have email, cell phones, Facebook or Twitter.  It was difficult for our genera...
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Education, mine in particular, has always been among those things at the top of my List of Zillions for which I'm grateful. I'll admit that it has only been recently that I haven't been pursuing one avenue of formal education or another.  My wife, a retired school counselor, says it was because I am gifted - interested in many subjects and, in the main, not restricted in the natural ability it takes to learn them. I don't agree with her, quite frankly.  I think her reasoning is entirely too serious.  I chalk the whole thing up to my being a Gemini, a Gemini with a curiosity that even today remains impossible to satisfy. Like a child's love for his grandma who makes sure he gets special love and tops it with rewards of candy and ice cream, I love those who have shared their knowledge wit...
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By BILL CHERRY, Broker & Wealth Coach
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Dr. LEON BREEDEN1921 - 2010View Funeral Service Monday, August 16, 2001, almost fifty-one years to the day from when Dr. Leon Breeden was hired by North Texas State College as its professor of jazz music, several hundred gathered at the Denton Bible Church in Denton, Texas to celebrate his life.  Dr. Breeden passed away on August 11th just two months shy of his 89th birthday. For the many thousands who Dr. Breeden taught, and the tens of thousands who heard his famous University of North Texas One O'clock Lab Band, as it performed throughout the U.S. and many foreign countries, I asked his close friend and colleague, James Riggs, if he would let me publish the eulogy he delivered. Here are Jim's thoughts: On this day celebrating Leon Breeden's life, I am deeply honored to be the spokes...
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