Quakertown Park (Denton, TX)
By BILL CHERRY, Broker & Wealth Coach
(Bill Cherry, Realtor)
Denton, Texas, about 40 miles north of Dallas, has long been considered the king of jazz music education.  The University of North Texas is there, and it's the daddy of the famous One O'clock Lab Band that has played for kings, queens, presidents, and for regular people like you and me. Chick Corea ===>> I suppose because of the Lab Band's more than 70 years of influence on the city, the citizens of Denton themselves are rabid jazz aficionados.  And UNT treasures its jazz programs and bands probably more than other colleges and universities treasure their school's athletic prowess. In fact, the UNT Jazz Music Department greatly influenced my personal piano playing style, the result of its most famous jazz professor, Dr. Leon Breeden. The annual Denton Jazz Festival, which is held in Qua...
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