21c Condos (Austin, TX)
By Garreth Wilcock, Sherlock Homes Frisco
(Sherlock Homes Frisco)
Downtown Austin:  The 21c project has been the source of much controversy in the Waller Creek area of Downtown Austin.  It has gone through three redesigns and changed locations from 3rd and Brazos to Cesar Chavez and Red River.  21c was supposed to break ground in early 2009, however due to the economical climate it lost funding.  It seemed the project was on hold indefinitely, however, a recent article in the Statesman suggests that it might come back for another round of trying to get funding in 2010.  21c is promising to be the thing that finally spurs the redevelopment of the Waller Creek district.  Currently, this area is home to Iron Works bbq and small sign businesses down Red River and also is the remnants of the very last of a traditional neighborhood within Downtown Austin. ...
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By Perry Henderson, Your Austin REALTOR
(The Perry Henderson Group at Berkshire Hathaway Texas Realty)
A landmark tower will enhance Austin's skyline, soaring upward to meet the stars of Texas. Inside, a contemporary art museum, luxury hotel and spa await, stylish residences beckon, and a world-class restaurant tempts with great cuisine and fine wines. In the 21st Century, art drives commerce and fun...the 21c Austin way.What is 21c? To understand, you must know what 21c isn't. 21c isn't something that can be replicated or mass-produced. It's not a chain. It's not the brainchild of focus groups or market research.21c was conceived the old fashioned way-out of passion. A passion for urban revitalization, modern technology, southern hospitality, and, above all, contemporary art.Perry Henderson | 900 Congress Ave. | Austin, TX 78701 | 512.791.7462 | eFax 512.233.5230 | http://www.livewelldo...
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By Perry Henderson, Your Austin REALTOR
(The Perry Henderson Group at Berkshire Hathaway Texas Realty)
 21c Austin Condominiums will be the second 21c. However, instead of simply replicating 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville, 21c Austin will use the core elements of the brand-a love of contemporary art, Southern-style comforts, and modern technology-to create a place that is entirely unique to Central Texas. There is some rumors that this project is moving to a premium location on Red River and 1st Street.This would be a great area close to the lake so I hope thye make the move.  
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