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If you are struggling to make your mortgage payments,if you can't take advantage of lower interest rates because your home has dropped in value,you may be elligible for the Making Home Affordable Program. Visit the U.S. government's "Making Home" Web site. The sooner you act,the better! Do not fall for scams,since there are plenty out there,which will take your money! If you are not sure about what to do - You can always call a real estate company designated with a logo " R ", to make sure you are on the "right track". 
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If your not buying in this market you are crazy. Why? Well a local builder has way to many houses on the market and he and the banks have worked together to drastically reduce his homes. If your in the buying range of the 200's theres alot of good deals out there right now. The weird thing about the Munford market is their aren't a whole lot of in between prices out there. Theirs smaller homes in the 120-130 range and bigger homes in the 200-and up market. Their are some in betweens but not a whole lot of them. The homes in the Munford area seem to be moving pretty good but its still slower than it was this time last year. But don't delay too long, the spring market is here and the activity out there has greatly increased in the last week. The best time to buy is now. The market could t...
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