Pleasant Hill (Crossville, TN)
By Melissa Grant, The Law of Attraction In Life & Business
(A Serendipity World)
It is that time of year again. Where the temperature drops, rain turns into ice and those puffs of clouds open for our snow. Like yesterday,12/05/2007 we started our day at nearly 50 degrees, by afternoon our temperatures rapidly began dropping bringing in rain, snow, ice mix. This morning 12/06/2007 our wind chill is 18 degrees 25 degrees below what we were yesterday. Buses seem to be running this morning and there are no delays and/or cancellations. Please check your child's backpack/book-bag for the Inclement Weather Forms that have already been disbursed and will continue to be throughout several schools in the upcoming weeks. Throughout the year there will be times that school will have to be dismissed early due to inclement weather such as snow, ice and/or flooding. This time of y...
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