Ellington Gaite (Clarksville, TN)
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Ellington Chase and Ellington Gaite February 2017 Market Report Are there still new homes available in Ellington Gaite and Ellington Chase in the month of Febraury?This has been a wet winter but mild temperatures have enabled the builders to continue building through the holidays and into the new year. The result is the last of the new homes are finishing up and soon Ellington Chase will be built out. This is a highly requested neighborhood in the Rossview School zone because it is close to the new Hankook Tire Plant. Buyers are out looking to buy in Clarksville TN.Click here to see all available Ellington Gait and Ellington Chase Homes for Sale Clarksville. Ellington Gait Clarksville February 2017 Market Report- Revealing 2016 Stats Total Active Listings- 5New Home Listings- 2Price Ra...
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